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ELEAGUE Major: VP triumphed over North

In the last today's match within the stage of Playoffs at ELEAGUE Major 2017, were facing off against North.

«-5»  by Snax

The clash set off ton the pick of the Danes — de_overpass. CT-sided, the Polish five has shown an excellent game-level, not letting the enemy re-seize the control. Round and round again, the Danish five were trying to punch trough the rivals' defense, but everything was in vain. Only at the close of the first half, North managed to pick up the first point [1:14].

The second pistol-round went to VP as well, but then the Danes managed to offer a resistance, gaining a few points. However, the backlog was too great and North failed to perform a comeback, so the first map was eventually secured by the Poles [16:4].

Despite a failing performance on Overpass, the Danish squad kicked off with a highlight reel on de_cache. However, soon found a key to the enemy's defense and leveled the score [4:4]. For some time the teams were playing on an equal footing, but a victory in the first half was clinched by the team from Danmark [9:6].

VP overpowered North

Having changed the side, North, not losing pace, picked up three rounds at a run. VP tried to get back on track, but the Danees had no intentions to lose hands, soon triumphing on the second map [16:12].

The decider-map was de_cobblestone. The Danes outscored the opponents in four rounds at a run, but then the Poles managed to break up the shutout [1:4]. Then the control over the game's tide went to North. found a way to hit through the rival's defense for two times more and the first half was over at [12:3] in favor of the Danes.

CT-sided, the Polish five picked up the pistol's and two anti-eco's, but the gun-one was taken by MSL and company. At this point, Snax and company didn't give up and leveled the score for a while [13:13]. The following three rounds were put on the board of the Poles, who eventually triumphed in this confrontation [16:13].

Thus, joined the participants of the semi-finals at ELEAGUE Major 2017 and will face off against the winner of duo FaZe vs SK. Recall that the last quarter-final match will start at 16.00 CET.

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