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ELEAGUE Major: VP overwhelmed Gambit

In the winner's match within the group stage of ELEAGUE Major, Gambit faced off against The clash was held on de_train. 

The Polish squad picked up two rounds in a row, but the first gun-one was secured by the CIS-squad. VP have immediately dealt with the opponent's onslaught, increasing advantage. Despite this, Gambit braced up and, at the end of the first half, reached the rival as close as possible [7:8].

After a changeover, the Poles took the pistol's and following four rounds. Dosia and company found a way to stop the enemy's attack, but then retook the lead and paragraphed the battle on Train [16:10].

Stream of the next match, within which Astralis will play against G2, will be held on the twicth-channel.