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ELEAGUE Major: The second victory for Natus Vincere

The group stage of EL Major was resumed with a confrontation Natus Vincere vs Team EnVyUs, who, at the momemt of start, had 1 victory each.

Na'Vi are a step aside from the advance to the Playoffs

The match was held on the map de_cobblestone. nV picked up the pistol's and following anti-eco, but then the duo of  «flamie & s1mple» secured the first gun-one for Na’Vi [2:1]. After this point, Natus Vincere tied the score and started immediately increasing the advantage, thus getting a crushing victory in the first half of the match [3:12].

After a changeover, the Frenchmen proved to be better in terms of the pistol-fight, but still failed to deal with the force in response from Na’Vi, in which flamie made the «-4» [4:13]. Despite this, EnVyUs played back two points more, and then the CIS-squad broke down the economy of the enemy and effortlessly took three victorious rounds [6:16].

Just in a few minutes will kick off a battle between FaZe Clan and SK Gaming.