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ELEAGUE Major: Team Liquid sent mousesports packing

Within the second elimination-match of the second match-day at ELEAGUE Major, mousesports faced off against Team Liquid.

Liquid left the opponents chanceless

The game was held on de_nuke. mouz were defeated in the pistol-round and an eco-buy, but then carried a gun-one in the 3rd round due to the previously planted bomb, which was lost too [3:0]. Facing a strong Liquid's defense, only in the 7th round, the European squad opened the score [6:1]. However, this didn't break the Americans' spirit, as in the further game they increased the gap to [11:1]. Only at the end of the performance for the T-side, mousesports got back on track, picking up all the remaining rounds [11:4].

Nevertheless, Team Liquid have immediately retook the initiative back to their hands after the defeat of mousesports in the second pistol-round, and picked up the following four, thus paragraphing the battle at [16:4]. 

mousesports finish on the 12-14th place, leaving Major-event on the group stage once more. In turn, the score of Team Liquid in the group stage is now tied to [2:2], and, thus, the American team will continue their fight at EL Major.

photo credit: ELEAGUE