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ELEAGUE Major: SK prevailed over HellRaisers

Matches of the main stage within ELEAGUE Major 2017 were resumed with a clash between HellRaisers and SK Gaming. The teams were fighting on de_mirage.


SK overwhelmed HellRaisers


ANGE1 & company overpowered the enemy in the pistol-round, but the following eight were secured by the Brazilian team. Then HR interrupted the enemy's winning streak and managed to slightly cut down the backlog, but the first half was finally picked up by SK [11:4].


CT-sided, the Brazilian squad went on, dominating the rivals, but the first gun's and following two rounds went on the board of the European team. Then SK retook the lead and picked up the sufficient three points, thus gaining the upper hand on [16:7].



In the following clash we'll see facing off against OpTic.