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ELEAGUE Major Qualifier: Day Three Review

Results of the next-to-last round within the ELEAGUE Major: Main Qualifier are finally brought to light. Following the outcome of today’s gaming day, two teams advanced to a main stage of the championship, while two more were defeated for the third time, thus leaving the qualifier. 

In the opening match, G2 Esports and Vega Squadron faced off against each other on de_dust2. Picking up 27 kills in 22 rounds played, shox, the captain of G2, led his team to a smashing victory over the Russian opponent [16:6]. Thus, Vega are pretty close to departure from the LAN-quals.

GODSENT is a new confirmed participant of ELEAGUE Major

The match-day was resumed by HellRaisers and GODSENT, who decided the owner of the first ticket to ELEAGUE Major 2017. Having met the rival on de_train, the Swedish squad overpowered HR in an arduous struggle with [16:11]. As a result, GODSENT joined the list of the upcoming Major’s participants. 

It’s worth noting that all the matches within the qual-stage were finished by GODSENT with a final result of [16:11].
— GODSENT vs G2 Esports [16:11] @ de_overpass
— GODSENT vs Team Dignitas [16:11] @ de_mirage
— GODSENT vs HellRaisers [16:11] @ de_train

Not-less-exciting was the following match, where mousesports played against TyLoo on map de_train. At the start-line of this game, the teams had a victory and a defeat on their board. Eventually, mouz simply left the enemy chanceless, outscoring them in 13 winning rounds [16:3].

In the first elimination-game, Cloud9 were fighting against Renegades, who lost out to TyLoo and CLG respectively in the yesterday’s matches. It was the third time, C9 were up to fight on de_mirage within the qualifier. The Australian squad allowing a great number of mistakes, which were profited by Cloud9, was finally smashed with [9:16].

C9 secured the first victory in the qualifier

We’d like to remind you that in the yesterday’s game, Renegades lost out to Counter Logic Gaming, when failing to interrupt the opponent’s comeback from [15:5] to [16:19]. Comparing the Australians’ performance at DreamHack Winter 2016, it seems like today we’ve witnessed a brand new team. Nevertheless, Renegades will miss ELEAGUE Major 2017. 

In the following game, the spectators were overwatching the clash between NiP and OpTic Gaming. The squads were fighting on de_overpass. And again, we’ve witnessed pretty unexpected result, since OpTic prevailed over the best Swedish team with the final score of [16:9]. One more loss will cost Ninjas in Pyjamas a participation in the tournament. 

In turn, there were no splashes occurred within the battle Team Dignitas vs CLG on de_mirage. dignitas have shown a great game on the suitable map, winning the match with [16:9]. Now there is only one victory that stands on the way of k0nfig & company to a ticket to ELEAGUE Major.

Even more expected was the result of an elimination game between Team EnVyUs and Team Spirit. Having faced off the Frenchmen on the map de_dust2, the Russian squad failed to withstand the enemy and completely lost the game with [2:16]. Spirit — are the second to leave ELEAGUE Major: Main Qualifier.

The peak of the third match-day was the countering between FaZe Clan and Immortals. With a choice of de_mirage, the European and Brazilian squad were up to decide a destiny of the next slot in ELEAGUE Major 2017. Thanks largely to the efforts of aizy, FaZe picked up the battle with the final score of [16:11] thus reaching the main stage of the upcoming Major.

So such are the results of the today’s matches within ELEAGUE Major: Main Qualifier. Tomorrow kicks off the final round of the qual-stage, which will decide six teams-participants of the Major’s final stage. A list of matches is available on the image above.

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