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ELEAGUE Major: Day One Review

Matches of the first match-day within the main stage of ELEAGUE Major 2017 are over, so it's high time to discover the teams' seeding within the tournament table.

LAN-finals of the Major has kicked off with a clash between Gambit and North. Zeus and company have shown an excellent game-level, finishing the match in their favor [16:8]. Then we were witnessing the stand-off G2 vs fnatic, in which the French squad overpowered the rivals with a final score of [16:10].

In the third game, SK were facing of against HellRaisers and ended the countering with a victory on their board [16:7]. With the score of [16:13], prevailed over OpTic, while in the following match Natus Vincere eased past [16:3].

EnVyUs and GODSENT have also finished the first matchday with a winning note, triumphing over Liquid and Astralis, respectively. In the final clash FaZe were fighting against FlipSid3. The match was finished with a victory of the European team.

The seeding of teams in the second round looks as follows:

  • mousesports vs HellRaisers
  • Natus Vincere vs EnVyUs
  • FaZe vs SK
  • FlipSid3 vs Liquid
  • North vs fnatic
  • OpTic vs Astralis
  • GODSENT vs Gambit
  • vs G2


Best moments of the first day ELEAGUE Major 2017

1v5 ACE by jdm against EnVyUs

RUSH destroyed Virtus.Pro 1v4

-4 by ACE vs NaVi

Matches of the main stage of ELEAGUE Major 2017 will resume tomorrow. The first meeting, within which will fight HellRaisers and mousesports, will kick off at 16:00 CET.