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ELEAGUE: Luminosity advances to Playoffs

In the early Saturday’s morning the fate of leaders of Group A: Luminosity and Cloud9. The latest meeting between these teams was finished by the victory of the Brazilians, who, during the whole tournament were exhibiting virtuosic game and reached the final without any single discomfiture.


The choice of the Brazilian squad fell on de_mirage. Cloud9, getting a victory in the knives round, chose the CT-side and gained the initial call. Luminosity, having their mistakes realized, evened the score and then succeeded in chalking up.  However, the Americans weren’t about to lose their advantage and, playing the eco-round, caught up the competitor [4:4]. Despite the quad-kill from Jordan «n0thing» Gilbert, the following round was taken by the Brazilians. Nevertheless, the USA-squad still managed to gather its forces, ending the first half in its favor [9:6]. It’s worth to remark that incredible knives’ kills by Tyler «Skadoodle» Latham and Tacio «TACO» Filho have greatly rang the changes on the struggle.

After the side replacement, the Brazilian line-up managed to regain the initiative: they’ve taken the pistol and the next three rounds, leaving their opponent behind [10:9]. As soon as Cloud9 made the refresher buy, the score on the map has changed to their favor again. After the loss of a control, Luminosity decided to take the tactical pause, but it didn’t save their day. No matter how hard they’ve tried to counter the aggression of their enemy, the American squad secured the victory on its opponents’ pick with [16:11]. During the whole game on de_mirage, Jordan «n0thing» Gilbert has performed 24 «headshots», showing the best result on LAN in 2016 among teams from all around the world.


Jordan «n0thing» Gilbert – the pest player on de_mirage

The match was resumed on de_cobblestone. The American squad got the victory in the pistol and anti-eco rounds. However, the Brazilians managed to gather their forces and, starting from the device round, took a shot to shorten the competitors’ escape. However, Cloud9 immediately took the control and went on dominating their enemy [6:2]. Having the whole situation analyzed, the Brazilian team started gaining steam and took three rounds in a row. Tyler «Skadoodle» Latham managed to interrupt the range of triumph by performing quad-kill, but Luminosity didn’t lose courage and equaled the score [7:7]. The first half ended at the point of [8:7] in favor of the USA-squad.

T-sided, the Brazilians stole the initiative and took four rounds to their assets. The eco-round by Cloud9 happened to be able to turn the events around, resulting in a dead heat [11:11]. The «teetering board» has appeared on the map, but it were the Brazilians who, eventually, managed to take the «map-point» [15:13]. However, the American squad won two rounds in a row [15:15] and the match continued in the overtime.

Still CT-sided, Cloud9 managed to take the first round of the additional’s, but Luminosity succeeded in chalking up, taking the second map to their bag [19:16].


Gabriel «FalleN» Toledo leads his team to the victory

The owner of a darling slot was defined on the map de_dust2. The pistol round was taken by the American squad, but the Brazilian team stroke back, performing the range of 10 victorious rounds. Subsequently, Cloud9 rendered a decision to take a tactical pause, in order to clear up the reason for their misfortune. However, even then they weren’t capable to stop the confident attack of the opponents. With a total domination, the Brazilian team finished the first half at the point of [14:1].

T-sided, the Americans finally managed to seize a control, taking the pistol and a following round. However, Luminosity managed to perform the force-buy, reaching the match-point. Cloud9 struggled to come back, but the Brazilian line-up strengthened their positions and, eventually, succeeded in resisting the American attack. Luminosity took the upper hand over their opponents and came off victorious on de_dust2 [16:9].


So at this stage, the battles among the first group have been finally finished. The next group, matches of which are beginning on the next Tuesday, consists of: Ninjas in Pyjamas, G2 Esports, Selfless Gaming, OpTic. We’ll inform you about all the changes. Follow the news on our site, and you’ll always be wide awake.