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ELEAGUE: Highlights of Last Chance Qualifier

The matches of Last Chance Qualifier have come to an end, so now we have a full of list of the participants of the Play-off stage. The eight teams, who received an opportunity to bounce back thanks to the LCQ, have shown the different game-level and now it’s only two of them, who managed to reach the cherished goal.

The Polish legends of CS-scene have showed an excellent game again

We'd like to remind you that Last Chance Qualifier was held within the frames of two «Single Elimination» brackets, each of which was consisting of two semi-final and one final encounter. During three match-days the audience was observing the most fascinating clash and witnessed a few unexpected results.   

LCQ: Bracket #1

Despite the excellent performance at ESL One Cologne 2016, FlipSid3 have failed to show the same confident game in Atlanta and became the first to leave the contest. It's hard to say what became the reason of the Ukrainian team's loss. It's quite possible that F3 have just got just tired of the constant flights, as their schedule was really overloaded during the last month. In turn, their opponent (Renegades) was fully prepared for the meeting and, thereby, got an easy victory in the initial match. The Ukrainian team was seriously losing out to the Australians in a fighting aspect and just failed to demonstrate the former level of confidence. Even the comfortable map-pick (de_cobblestone and de_train) eventually failed to help FlipSid3. While coming back home, they have to overthink and discuss all the committed errors, and now — they've eventually been excluded from the list of the ELEAGUE S1 participants.

The next team, who has failed to succeed in the LCQ became Gambit Gaming. Like F3, the Russian team had entered the «top-8» of the by-past Major-tournament, but they still didn't show the same decent level of game in Atlanta. The Gambit's enemy (Virtus.Pro) happened to be too strong and was in quite a good condition, so the task performance was perplexed. Moreover, the Russian-Kazakh mixture was playing with a replacement in a person of Vadim «DavCost» Vasilyev. Taking into account the situation created, Gambit Gaming had no intentions to give up and managed to perform a decent fight against VP. Nevertheless, the efforts of the Russian team proved to be insufficient and, eventually, the Poles have prevailed. Thus, the Gambit's performance in the current season of ELEAGUE have come to an end.


Gambit failed to deal with the VP's onslaught 

The slot to the Playoffs, which was granted to the winner of the first LCQ's tournament bracket, was quite fairly secured by Virtus.Pro. The renewed Australian roster was fighting till the very end, having shown the high-class CS, but, unlike F3, VP happened to be a more decent opponent. The Poles needed only two maps to reach the ultimate triumph, but both of them were held with a really tough struggle. It's worth mentioning that on de_mirage (which was finished after the third series of overtimes) Renegades had almost managed to perform an incredible comeback from the score of [3:12], and it's already a proof of the serious discipline in the ranks of the Australian team. By their game, the aforementioned team have asserted that they can be a strong contestant even without Chad «SPUNJ» Burchill, and are seriously intended to work for a sake of the future progress. 

In turn, Virtus.Pro have fully met the entrusted expectations and, thanks to the high-class performance, will take part in the decisive stage of the tournament in Atlanta. The experience and individual skills of each of the players have doubtlessly done their part, but we have to assume that VP still haven't met the dangerous opponent in the matches of LCQ. Neither Renegades, nor Gambit (much less F3), haven't demonstrated the same confident CS, as the eminent Poles. So now we can only guess, whether Virtus.Pro will adapt to the more strong contestants' pressure in the Playoffs. Nevertheless, the right to play on the «big stage» quite fairly belongs to Virtus.Pro.

LCQ: Bracket #2

Then we've witnessed the failure of G2 Esports, who have shown not the best level of CS in the by-past match against mousesports. However, we shouldn't forget that the Frenchmen are performing without an important player for some time period — Cédric «RpK» Guipouy, and the eSportsman, who has replaced him, eventually failed to cope with his duties. The semi-final «bo3-series» were held quite on equal footing, but it was the absence of the required experience of Simon «Fuks» Florysiak that prevented the German squad from winning. We are hoping that after the recovery of the RpK we'll be able to see the former G2, but now the champions of ECS S1 have finished on the 11-14th line, thus having joined the list of teams, who have already left the championship. 

The second ticket to the semi-final was played between FaZe Clan and Counter Logic Gaming. It was the last time the American team was performing with Tarik «tarik» Celik and Faruk «pita» Pita and nobody expected to witness any kind of decent game by them at ELEAGUE. The role-replacement in the team (Kenneth «koosta» Suen passed the AWP into the hands of Stephen «reltuC» Cutler, and James «hazed» Cobb became the captain), apparently, worked in CLG, while FaZe had to do their best, in order to secure the ultimate victory. We can't be sure about the future of the American roster, but their prominent progress is obvious even today. If Counter Logic Gaming choose the appropriate roster-replacements, it's likely that they will become the strongest team in the North America.


mouz have literally «torn» the victory out of the FaZe's hands

Much more unexpectedly the things were moving in the following finals of LCQ — the meeting between FaZe Clan and mousesports. The Europeans haven't been in the best shape during the encounter against Counter Logic Gaming already, thus making a lot of missteps. Unlike CLG, mousesports are more strong and tough-minded opponents, who have managed to profit by the weaknesses of FaZe. It should be mentioned, that the victory was almost in the hands of the European line-up. FaZe Clan have failed to interrupt the comeback of the Germans on the decisive map, which started at the mark of [14:6] and ended with the score of [17:19]. At first, the team of Håvard «rain» Nygaard hasn't passed the group stage at the Major, and now they've failed the performance at ELEAGUE. It's quite possible that we will witness some changes in their line-up, especially considering the by-past failures of the European team. FaZe Clan have to find the effective way to solve the erased problem, but the truth is still the same: former G2 Esports are too far from the shape, they had at the end of the last year.

However, the efforts of mousesports have finally fruited. The qualifiers to the stage of the ELEAGUE's Playoffs are the greatest achievement for the German team during the current year. In actual fact, the success of mouz can be compared with the moving out of the group stage at the Major. They've had quite difficult opponents but, eventually, they've managed to deal with each of them. Recall that mousesports have prevailed over two «tier1-teams» (G2 and FaZe), and it is the direct proof to the fact that they are able to «shoot» in the upcoming stage of the championship, as the roster of mouz is not only the «top one» in Germany, but even one of the strongest within the whole Europe. 


The fight for the main prize will resume the next week

Eventually, now we have the names of the teams, who have an opportunity to struggle for the right to get the champion's title of the first season of ELEAGUE. The list of the strongest consists of the following mixtures: Cloud9, NiP, Astralis, fnatic, Na’Vi, EnVyUs, Virtus.Pro и mousesports. You can follow the path of each of the participants to the Playoffs by the links, attached to the names of the prorated squads.