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ELEAGUE: G2 defeated Selfless

The matches of Group B resumed during the struggle between G2 and Selfless Gaming. A noteworthy detail is that the game was the first one for the North American team with Connor «Connor» Glover, who has just replenished their line-up.


The first three points for G2

The confrontation began with the pick of the French squad - de_cache. In tough struggle they've won the pistol, and then the next two rounds. Despite this, Selfless managed to take their first device round and recapture the initiative for a while. However G2 quickly regained the control over the meeting, thanks to greatly performed quad-kill by Adil «ScreaM» Benrlitom and Cédric «RpK» Guipouy. The first half ended with a score of [10: 5] in favor of the French.

T-sided, the North American line-up showed a confident start in the pistol round, but Richard «shox» Papillon «buried» their hope of taking the round, by committing five headshots in a row. Thanks to that, the French sent 4 more points to their bank [14: 5]. After analyzing their mistakes, Selfless began to gain momentum, but their attempt to make a comeback ended in failure. As a result, G2 took the first map to their bag with [16:12].


The meeting resumed on de_cobblestone. Selfless Gaming has showed confident attack, taking three rounds in a row. The French squad was on the verge of taking the first device round, but  Noah «Nifty» Francis performed the clutch, make decisive «-2». Only at the score of [5: 0], the French managed to withstand the opponent’s attack. The North American team was up to the task and continued dominating their contestant. Having eight points scored, they’ve lost control over the game and finished the first half with a minimal gap [8: 7].

After the switching of sides, the situation on the map has changed significantly. G2 came to a temporary tied score, and then began to gain advantage. Their series of victorious rounds, Selfless managed to interrupt only at the score of [12: 7]. The team, led by Richard «shox» Papillon wasn't about to give up. After securing the «match-point», the French have missed only two rounds, triumphing at the pick of the opponent [16:12].


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