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ELEAGUE: NiP interrupted the G2 's winning run

In the final contest among Group B met G2.Kinguin and Ninjas in Pyjamas. The winner of this match was destined to get the right to participate in the tournament's Playoffs stage, where they are already expected by the Brazilians from Luminosity Gaming.


The range of G2's victories was interrupted (the photo was taken from

The first map in the final «bo3-series» was de_cache — NiP's pick.  Alexandre «bodyy» Pianaro and his prime triple-kill in the pistol's assisted the French with seizing the starting advantage. Due to the planted bomb, the Swedish team was able to buy up in the third round, but then G2 have already proved to be stronger. When the score reached the mark [5: 0] in favor of the Frenchmen, the Swedes managed to give an adequate response to their rival. G2.Kinguin hadn't built a competitive economy yet, and over time Ninjas in Pyjamas leveled the game [5:5]. By the end of the first half, NiP were keeping the successfully intercepted initiative that allowed them to go on changeover as leaders. [10:5], and despite the poor start, Ninjas in Pyjamas managed to change the course of the meeting.

CT-sided , the Swedish squad went ahead, showing the same high-class CS, having gained the upper hand in the pistol and eco rounds [12:5]. Then G2 beat NiP in the device round, but the competent force-buy from the Swedes left the same balance of powers on the map. Nevertheless, the French team wasn't going to give up and didn't stop trying to get back into the game. However, in the end, only four more points enlarged the G2.Kinguin's bag. As a result — [16:9], and Ninjas in Pyjamas drew a line under the battle on de_cache.


Jacob «pyth» Mourujarvi greatly contributed to the NiP's triumph on the first map (the photo was taken from

The struggle resumed on the map de_train — a choice of G2. After the victory in the knife's, the Swedes decided to start on the T-side. Ninjas in Pyjamas presented quite a strong start, beating their opponents in the next two pistol and anti-eco rounds [0:3]. Receiving all the necessary devices, the French line-up got the first victory on their own pick, but failed to retake the lead. The Swedes increased their breakaway, thereby destroying the opponent's economy. The defense was unable to cope with the onslaught of Ninjas in Pyjamas that was directly displayed on their results. When the score stopped at [1: 8], G2 used the tactical pause. The break hadn't brought any necessary changes in the French tactics, so all the subsequent events were developing at nearly the same scenario. Therefore, reversing the T-side, NiP had an incredible advantage [3:12].

CT-sided, Ninjas in Pyjamas didn't lose the steam and confidently finished the started. Picking up the pistol's, and then the anti-force rounds, the Swedish team defeated G2.Kinguin on de_train [3:16] and got the victory in the meeting with a final score [0:2] on the maps.


In such a way, NiP become the next proved participants of the ELEAGUE's Playoffs. Stay with us on and you'll always be kept up-to-date of the latest news.