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ELEAGUE: fnatic have prevailed over TSM

The Play-off stage of Group D was kicked off with the first semifinal match between fnatic and Team SoloMid. The team-loser was destined to leave the tournament, and the winning one — on the other hand — would continue its performance in the tomorrow's final confrontation.


Top-5 players of theGroup D on ELEAGUE

The game went out on the map de_cache — the pick of TSM. The Swedish team has won the upper hand in the pistol- and gunround, seizing the starting advantage. However, fnatic weren’t able to hold back the steady onslaught of the T-side that turned out to be a great advantage for the North American mixture. Team SoloMid has found a few loopholes in the enemy's defense, so that reducing the gap in a score. However, the Swedes still were leading the way, while going to the switchover [9:6].

CT-sided, TSM has conceded the pistol round, but then proved to be able to realize a force-buy in return [10:7]. However, due to «-4» by Olof «olofmeister» Kajbjer in the eco, fnatic retook the initiative, confidently, round after round, making overtures to the victory in the first map. The well-timed tactical pause has helped the Americans to bounce back, getting to their enemy as close as possible [13:12], but the last word still had the Swedes. Fnatic have eventually braced up and brought the score to [16:12] in their favor.

Quad-kill in the eco from olofmeister

The meeting has renewed on the map-pick of the Swedish team — de_mirage. T-sided, Team SoloMid proved to be stronger in four rounds, and then fnatic took the eco [1:4]. The defeat didn't break the spirit of the North American squad, so they've managed to increase the lead over the opponent. Over time, TSM have weakened their grip, giving away a few device rounds, but before the changeover they were still playing a leading role [4:11].

The game for the CT-side happened to be more fruitful for fnatic, so they’ve began to reduce the distance in a score rapidly. However, Team SoloMid managed to cope with the increased voltage, changing the landscape of the meeting that resulted in [9:11]. The Americans have successfully stopped the Swedish comeback in the second half, paragraphing the battle on de_mirage [11:16].


KRIMZ and his team have lost their pick

In the last clash the teams-contestants have met on the «decider-map» — de_cobblestone. fnatic have found the way to kick off with a highlight reel, picking up three rounds in a row [3:0]. The Swedish defeat in the gunround didn't change the power balance of the game, so TSM were still behind. Ultimately, the North American team failed the game for CT-side and went on the changeover, gaming away with [14:1].

After a short break, Team SoloMid have failed to make a splash, losing two more rounds and that was quite sufficient for fnatic. As a result — [16:6], and the team from Sweden becomes the first participant of the Playoffs' final stage.


Within the confines of the next match — FaZe Clan vs dignitas — will be drawn the second slot of the participant of the Playoffs’ final stage. The stream will available on the twitch-channel StarLadder5.