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ELEAGUE: FlipSid3 tied the score with mousesports

FlipSid3.ESP and mousesports have been the next mixtures to join the fight. These teams' way on ELEAGUE has just kicked off, so the match has become a great opportunity to gain the initial points.


Before the tournament in Atlanta, the F3's line-up had been already fully completed     

The choice of CT-side has proved to be a nice call, assisting mousesports in taking the pistol round and two anti-eco, but the device one was picked by FlipSid3 [1:3]. Thanks to this, the Ukrainian team has managed to seize the initiative, immediately chalking up [4:3]. F3 have continued to increase the gap, having played a leading role in the first half. However, mousesports didn't give up and before the changeover, have managed to reduce the distance in the score for a bit [9:6].

CT-sided, FlipSid3 have beaten their opponents in three rounds in a row [12:6]. Nevertheless, mouz have won in the gunround, having launched a winning run. The defense has proved to be unable to stop mouz, so the squads have come to a temporary draw [12:12]. Further the mixtures were going «neck-to-neck», unwilling to lose the victory on de_train. The second half has happened to be not enough to determine the strongest, so it was finished at [15:15].

The further struggle in the additional rounds was unfolding at the same pace. However FlipSid3 have failed to cope with the increased pressure and, as a result, the first map was put on the board by the German team [16:19]



After a short break the teams have met on de_cobblestone. CT-sided, F3 have defeated the opponent in the pistol and the subsequent anti-eco rounds [0:3]. The won force-buy by mousesports hasn't changed the power balance of the game, and FlipSid3 have continued to score points. Over time, largely thanks to the efforts of Chris «chrisJ» de Jong and Nikola «NiKo» Kovač, the German mixture has reduced the backlog from the enemy and went to the CT-side at [5:10] in a favor of F3.

The switchover hasn't improved the mousesports' game, so that the Ukrainian team has easily triumphed in the decisive six rounds. Thus, FlipSid3 have managed to paragraph the battle on de_cobblestone [6:16].


In the next countering Natus Vincere will try strength against mousesports. The stream of the match will be available on twitch-channel StarLadder5.