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ELEAGUE: Echo Fox leveled the game with F3

In the confrontation between FlipSid3 and Echo Fox was resolved the fate of the third line of the standings. At the end of the match, the winner would have advanced to the Playoffs, right to the encounter against Natus Vincere, while the loser, in turn, would have to meet with mousesports.


The teams' division before the beginning of the match 

The opposition was kicked off on de_nuke. Echo Fox won the pistolround and several buy's, having secured the initial advantage [0:4]. F3 prevailed in device one, but still failed to turn the tide of the meeting. The Americans have adequately coped with the onslaught of the T-side, round after round increasing the gap in the score. Before the switchover FlipSid3 have slightly redressed the situation, beating the opponents in four rounds [4:11].

CT-sided, the Ukrainian squad has failed to make a comeback, taking only one more gunround into their assets. As a result — [5:16], and Echo Fox have gained the upper hand on de_nuke.


FlipSid3 still had all the chances to take it out on de_train. T-sided, F3 defeated the opponent in six rounds in a row, after what Echo Fox gave them an adequate response [1:6]. However, the Ukrainian team was not going to lose the initiative and thanks to the victory in the next force-buy, they managed to destroy the contestants' economy. The tactical pause didn't make the necessary changes to the game of the Americans, and therefore the result of the first half called at the point of [2:13].

After a short break, FlipSid3.ESP have easily locked down the map, picking up the prime three points. [2:16] and Echo Fox become distressed on de_train.


The Playoffs stage of Group Е on ELEAGUE will start for tomorrow. We'd like to remind you that the stream of the decisive matches will be held on the twitch-channel StarLadder5.