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ELEAGUE: EnVyUs leave the tournament

The matches of the Play-off stage were kicked off with the clash between EnVyUs and fnatic. The French and Swedish teams have secured the slots in the decisive stage of the tournament due to the victories in the Groups F and D respectively.


The process of a map-pick 

The first game of the quarter-final stage of ELEAGUE was started on the nV's choice — de_cobblestone. fnatic won the pistolround and two anti-eco's, but the French managed to replenish their assets with the device one [1:3]. Despite the defeat in the next buy, EnVy have destroyed the rival's economy and leveled the score at [4:4]. The French line-up has found the way to go ahead [5:4], but then the Swedes seized the initiative and managed to withhold the leadership up to the end of the first half [6:9].

CT-sided, fnatic haven't ceased to increase the gap from the opponent, having triumphed in three rounds in a row [6:12]. EnVyUs have restored the control over the game's landscape, thus reducing the backlog as much as possible [11:12]. However, the French were unable to fully get back on track, so the Swedes eventually braced up and drew a line under Cobblestone [13:16].


The comparison of the Happy's and olofmeister's statistics after de_cobblestone

After a short break the encounter was moved to the map de_dust2 — the pick of fnatic. EnVy won the pistolround, but then failed to cope with the enemy's force-buy [1:1]. The Swedes picked up two buy's, but their opponent didn't let them take the initiative and the teams have temporary tied the game at [3:3]. Despite the EnVyUs' four-point advantage [7:3], fnatic have found a way to turn the tide of the meeting and went to the change-over as the leaders [7:8].

In the second half the Swedish team gained the upper hand in the pistols and the subsequent anti-eco's [7:11]. fnatic didn’t lose the confidence in the gun-rounds, rapidly heading to the final victory. Holding the CT-side, the Swedes haven't lost a single round, paragraphing Dust2 with a score of [7:16] in their favor.


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