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ELEAGUE: mouz forge ahead in Group E

The match mousesports vs Echo Fox became the last one in the group stage of ELEAGUE for the German team.


The statistics of the mouz's captain after the four maps

The first clash has occurred on de_cobblestone. The team, led by Sean «[email protected]» Gares has kicked off with a highlight reel, having won in four rounds in a row. After that, mousesports have managed to strengthen the defense, easily leveling the game at [4:4]. The German mixture went on holding the initiative, regularly increasing the lead over the contestant. Echo Fox have failed to interrupt the opponent's winning run, playing out the first half [4:11].

CT-sided, the Americans have won the pistol and next two anti-eco rounds [7:11]. mouz lost control of the match, letting Echo Fox take a great advantage of it, quite soon approaching to the enemy as close as possible [11:12]. Nevertheless, mousesports have managed to brace up, getting an opportunity to confidently thwart the American's comeback. Echo Fox have kept fighting, but in the end, their efforts proved insufficient. [12:16] and mousesports picked up de_cobblestone.


The second map of the countering became de_train. mousesports have gambled away the pistolround and have failed to realize two eco's [3:0]. Despite the lost device round, Echo Fox hasn't lost the initiative, surpassing their rival in the next force-buy [4:1]. Not slowing the pace, the US-team has soon increased the advantage, having cemented the leadership. Before the switchover mouz had taken only three more rounds, thereby failing the game for the T-side [11:4].

The T-sided German team has won the pistolround and several force-buy's, taking the path of the comeback. Reaching the point of [11:9], Echo Fox have decided to take a tactical pause, but it still hasn't made any necessary amendments in the tactical component of their game. First mousesports evened the score [11:11], and then — forged ahead. The US team has failed to cope with the increased competition, losing de_train with a final score of [16:13].


The stream of the following match — FlipSid3.ESP vs Natus Vincere — will be held on twitch-channel StarLadder5. Stay tuned to