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ELEAGUE: Confident start from Luminosity

The opening match of the Group А on ELEAGUE was the contest between Luminosity Gaming and Renegades.

The first map of the «bo2-series» became de_cobblestone — the pick of the Brazilians from LG. Starting for the defense, Renegades knocked the enemy into fits in the pistol and the following two anti-eco rounds, gaining the initial advantage [0:3]. However, after the unjustified aggression from the Australian team, the first device round took the Brazilian line-up. Not willing to give away the initiative, Renegades stocked up and, after the failed «buy», were forced to go on the «eco». Thus, teams met at the dead heat [3:3].


Line-ups before the start of the game

The following struggle broke out on the Luminosity's conditions. Renegades were making the unapologetic mistakes too often, so the Brazilian team managed to use the opportunity masterly. Despite the stable «entry-frags», the team from Australia had the problems with the cinch of the map. Aaron «AZR» Ward improved the position of his line-up, making the ace on the 14th round. At the end of the first half, the Australians took the weapon and, before the side replacement, the score pitched upon [9:6].

Starting from the second pistol round, Renegades gathered their forces and started to rapidly shorten the lag from their enemy. After the series of successful weapon rounds from the Australians, the teams equaled the score again [10:10]. Found them back along the competitor, LG didn't stop keeping the way of meeting under control. They managed to destroy the enemy's economy, that helped them to catch up, and then forereach the contestant effortless. They managed to destroy the economy of the competitor [13:11].

jks bests fnx in the situation «1 to 1»

Nevertheless, Renegades weren't about to give up. Justin «jks» Savage got the upper hand in prime clutch-situation, and in the next round the Australians brought the result to [13:13]. None of the teams wished to give the triumph on de_cobblestone. Luminosity were the first to reach the «match-point», but Renegades still took the 30th round to their assets. [15:15] and the match will continue in the overtime.

Staying for the defense, the Australian team made the «ninja defuse» and chalked up for a short period of time. After that LG made the backstroke, pierced the defense of B-plant, but the last word still had Renegades [16:17]. Going to the defense, Luminosity regained the initiative back to their hands. Skills of the whole Brazilian team, as well as the individual ones, allowed them to take the lost advantage back, and at the end — to paragraph the struggle on de_cobblestone [19:17]


The match continued on the map de_train — the pick of Renegades. The first pistol went to the Brazilian assets, and,in the second round Renegades took their chance on the risky «force-buy». They've almost managed to realize it, but Marcelo «coldzera» David saved the economy of his line-up [2:0]. The anti-eco's, as well as the device rounds restocked the assets of the Brazilians, and, thanks to that, they filled the comfortable van [7:0]. After that, Renegades used the tactical pause.

Nevertheless, a small break didn't bring about changes to the force replacement on the map. Anything the Australians tried, was effortless. Not shortening the sail, LG faultless played the first half [15:0]. Having the game for the Т-side fully failed, Renegades didn't find an opportunity to get back to the struggle. [16:0] and Luminosity get an easy victory on de_train.


Stay with us on StarLadder5, as the next match — Liquid vs Cloud9 is coming soon.