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ELEAGUE: Cloud9 — the runner-up's of Group A

The third day of struggle within the confines of ELEAGUE resumed in a competition between Cloud9 and Renegades. Yesterday the two line-ups weren’t capable to define the strongest, finishing with equal results by maps [1:1]. There is no, however, such an alternative today, as one of the squads will definitely become a winner.

Screenshot_3 (2)

The second «bo3-match» started from the pick of Renegades — map de_cobblestone. Two successful clutches, performed by Mike «shroud» Grzesiek assured the initial advantage for C9, but the first weapon round still went to the bag of Renegades [2:1]. Nevertheless, thanks to the saved AWP, the American squad successfully realized «force-buy», not letting the opponent equal the score. Despite the victory in the 7th round, the Australians couldn’t turn the tide of a game. C9 continued quite confident performance, and Renegades weren’t capable to find the breach in the opponent’s defense. Not willing to give in, the team under the Chad «SPUNJ» Burchill’s guidance used the tactical pause at [9:2]. Eventually, it didn’t bring about a change in the force distribution on the map and to side replacement Cloud9 went as  unquestioning leaders [12:3].

T-sided USA-team easily managed to paragraph the struggle on de_cobblestone. Taking the pistol and the following few rounds, Cloud9 had an easy time defeating Renegades on the enemy’s peak [16:3].


Shroud — MVP on the first map

The further course of events played out on de_cache — a choice of the American line-up. Т-sided, C9 confidently defeated the contestant in the pistol and following two anti-eco rounds [3:0]. Then the Australians gathered their forces and, starting with the device round, equaled the chances for victory. However, when the score reached the point [4:4], Cloud9 regained the lost confidence, effortless breaking through the enemy’s defense. Mike «shroud» Grzesiek’s stood apart of his team again, gaining 18 frags during the first 15 rounds. At the end of the first half, the Australian team managed to add to their savings box one more point, letting C9 gain the comfortable van [10:5].

CT-sided team under the Alec «Slemmy» White guidance succeeded in the pistol round, but the victorious series were immediately put down. Renegades realized a risky «force-buy» and temporary destroyed the economy of C9. In this regard, the Australians shortened the escape in a score [11:8]. But it wasn’t the end of Cloud9’s rough path. They managed to excel the opponent in the device round, but the initiative still was in the hands of Renegades. However, making overtures to C9 [12:11], the Australian line-up started a range of unapologetic mistakes. As a result — Cloud9 happened to be the front-runner of the contest. [16:11] and the American squad goes to the final of Group A, where they are already awaited by the Brazilians from Luminosity.



The matches of ELEAGUE are over for today. Stay with us on and you'll always be kept abreast of events.