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ELEAGUE: Luminosity become the leaders of Group A

The winners of yesterday’s matches within the confines of ELEAGUE: Luminosity and Cloud9 have met today in the «bo2-contest». Thanks to the superiority over Team Liquid and Renegades, the Brazilians have already gained four points. By the same token, the Americans have performed only one match against Team Liquid, also getting the upper hand.


The American line-up had a great start on de_dust2. Cloud9 lossless took the pistol round, in which Alec «Slemmy» White and Tyler «Skadoodle» Latham did a great job with «double-kill». The following round also went to their bag. Luminosity decided to perform «force-buy» and, trouble-free, succeeded, gaining three more points. However, the American squad proved to be capable to even the score at [3:3]. Yet the Brazilians managed to take the initiative and quickly chalked up. Only at the score of [10:3] Cloud9 were able to stand worthy against a defense of the opponent, winning two rounds in a row [5:10].

«-4» by Fernando «fer» Alvarenga

After the side replacement, Fernando «fer» Alvarenga showed the great grasp of pistols, performing a quad-kill, thereby helping his team to take the pistol round. The four next rounds also went to the assets of the Brazilians. Cloud9 tried to shorten the escape in a score, but the Brazilian squad still managed to defeat the competitor on the first map [16:7].


After a small break, the meeting lasted on de_train. The pistol round took the American squad; however the Brazilians made their minds to make the «force», as a counterpunch. From the very beginning, on the map were formed the «teetering board». Round by round the line-ups were trying to get the leadership, but it was accomplished only by Luminosity, after the 9th round. He first half ended with the score [10:5] in a favor of the Brazilian squad.

Playing by the side of defense, Marcelo «coldzera» David performed a quad-kill, so Luminosity happened to be on the brink of getting the pistol round, but the Brazilian was too short of time to clear up the bomb. Thanks to that, the Americans managed to take 5 points, equalizing the score at [10:10]. Despite the situation on hand, the Brazilian line-up analyzed their mistakes and started to gradually gain an advantage. As a result, wresting the control of the map, Luminosity seized de_train to their bag [16:10].


In the next match Cloud9 will compete against the Australian team  Renegades. You can watch the broadcasting on our twitch-channel Starladder5.