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ELEAGUE: CLG and NRG failed to define the winner

In the 4th confrontation of the Group C have met two American teams: Counter Logic Gaming and NRG eSports. In the previous CLG's games, the squad managed to win only one map in the matches against SK and Astralis, while NRG, in a tense struggle, gave way to the Danes, who at that point of time had a temporary replacement by Danny «zonic» Sørensen.


tarik and his team defeated their opponent on the first map photo:

At the outset the teams met on the map de_train — a choice of CLG. NRG proved to be stronger than their opponent in the pistol round, capturing the starting advantage. The squad under the direction of Fatih «gob b» Dayik surpassed the rival in the gun round, but then lost the initiative in the subsequent anti-eco that greatly changed the forces allocation on the map. Having built a stable economy, CLG managed not only to level the score, but to go ahead. Going to the attack, Josh «jdm64» Marzano and his team have still been in the lead [10:5].

Keeping the same pace, Counter Logic Gaming have won the second pistol round, likewise not yielding under the enemy's onslaught in the anti-eco [13:5]. Despite the mistakes, which have been made once and again, the T-side has still managed to break through the defense on the device rounds and, over time, has brought the game to the match-point. Ultimately, CLG paragraphed the struggle on de_train quite effortlessly, completing it with the result of [16:7] in their favor.


At the close of the first map, the teams went on de_dust2 — NRG's pick. CT-sided, the squad, led by Faruk «pita» Pita has gained the upper hand in the pistol and the following two anti-eco rounds [0:3]. NRG eSports have replied right back to their contestants already in the force-buy. After a while, NRG caught up with the enemy, starting to lead the way. Nevertheless, Counter Logic Gaming didn't stop the attempts to get back on track that allowed them to shorten the gap in the score [9:6].

T-sided, CLG managed to tie the score by winning a few rounds in a row [9:9]. Despite winning in the device one, the Johannes «tabseN» Wodarz's team didn't manage to start a winning run. Getting back on track, CLG began to demonstrate the high-class CS that helped them to shoot ahead. However, a tactical pause, taken by NRG, has reversed the situation on the map. As a result,— [16:14] and NRG eSports proved to be stronger on de_dust2.


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