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ELEAGUE: Astralis take the lead

CLG and Astralis were destined to finish the first day of the competition among the Group C.  The teams, in their opening matches, have shown different results: the Americans have leveled the game with SK Gaming, while the Danes have defeated NRG.

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dupreeh and his team left the opponent no single chance for a victory

de_train (Counter Logic Gaming's pick) was the starting point in the confrontation. T-sided, Astralis picked up the pistol round and withstood the opponent's onslaught in the anti-force and eco ones [0:3]. The Danish team confirmed the leading position in the gun's, continuing to increase the advantage. At a later stage the control over the map was fully owned by Astralis that anyway couldn't be fixed by CLG. The Danes have successfully used a catalogue of opponent's mistakes, defeating them in the first half [2:13].

The CT-sided Danish team didn't lose ground, having gained the upper hand in the pistol and the subsequent anti-force rounds. As a result — [2:16], and Counter Logic Gaming have failed to show a decent game on their own map-pick.


The next map was the de_dust2 — the choice of Astralis. After the loss in the knives, the Danish team was forced to start for the T-side. The effective implementation of an aggressive entry, allowed the Danes to defeat their opponent in the pistol round, thus giving them a chance to seize the initiative. CLG didn't manage to turn the tide of a meeting in the first device one, so Astralis continued their winning run. Over time, the US-squad put several points on the board, but it wasn't enough for the comeback [9:6].

The game for the CT-side from Astralis was on the same high level, as for the attack. The Danes coped with the increased pressure, beating the Americans in pistol and anti-eco rounds [12: 6]. The alignment of forces on the map has still remained the same after device one, in which the team from Denmark happened to be stronger again. Ultimately, CLG couldn't get back on track, taking not a single round. [16:6] and Astralis came out victorious in the battle on de_dust2.


The struggle among the Group C will continue tomorrow. Stay with us on and you surely won't miss the latest news from ELEAGUE.