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ELEAGUE: Astralis leveled the score with SK

Astralis carried out the games of the previous match-day jointly with their coach - Danny «zonic» Sørensen instead of their player Finn «karrigan» Andersen. However, today the Danish team has fought against SK in full strength.


Astralis failed to win on their own pick

de_train was destined to become the first meeting point for the teams. SK demonstrated a masterful start by winning the pistol and four subsequent rounds. Having shored up their position, Astralis managed to pick up three points. Despite this, their opponents retook the control over the game and continued to increase their van. The first half was terminated with a score of [12:3] in a favor of SK.

After a short break, the team, led by Finn «karrigan» Andersen found a way to give the viewers hope for the comeback, prevailing in the pistol and following two rounds. However, it was not enough. Jacob «Pimp» Winneche managed to interrupt the opponents' winning run by issuing quad-kill, so his team took the enemy’s peak to their «savings box» [16:6].


The teams continued their battle on de_overpass. SK cheerfully started the game on the CT-side, picking up the first four rounds, but the next three were seized by their opponents. Michael «Friis» Jorgensen and his teammates managed to take over the initiative for a while. However Astralis have quickly found their bearings, demonstrating quite an aggressive attack, in doing so not only leveling the score, but also taking the lead, ending the first half with the double advantage in a score [10:5].

Picking up the pistol round, SK still weren't capable to change the tide of the meeting. Astralis have implemented the force-buy, dominating their enemy. They’ve got hold of a match-point, but the enemy proved to be able to seize the control for short while. In the final round, Nicolai «device» Reedtz performed a magnificent quad-kill, which allowed his team to put the second map on the board [16:7].
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