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ELEAGUE: The first points for Astralis

Astralis and NRG eSports have met in the first match of the Group C. You wil recall that in this confrontation the coach of the Danish team — Danny «zonic» Sørensen — has temporarily replaced Finn «karrigan» Andersen, as he had failed to arrive in Atlanta in time.


device made a great contribution to the Danish victory

The meeting started with the map de_cache — the Astralis' pick. T-sided, a team from Denmark surpassed the opponent in the pistol's, and then picked up the following anti-eco rounds [3:0]. NRG managed to hit back in the device round, continuing to shorten the lag from the contestant. Over time, the USA-squad leveled the game with the Danes, breaking their economy [3:3]. The further tide of the match unfolded on the terms of the team under the leadership of Fatih «gob b» Dayik. Although all the introduced errors, the Americans were holding out the initiative, which gave them the opportunity to go to the changeover, being leaders [6:9].

After the loss in the second pistol's, NRG didn't dare to carry out the force-buy that played directly into the Danes. After a while, the line-ups came to a temporary dead heat [9:9]. In the first gun round, the Johannes «tabseN» Wodarz’s team defeated the opponent, but in the next one, the incredible «-5» by Nicolai «device» Reedtz, gave Astralis a possibility to remain the active rival. The teams had no desire to yield to each other, but the last word still had the Danish roster. After analyzing the tactics of their opponent, Astralis seized control of the map and brought the match to a victorious end. [16:12] and Astralis took victory on their own map-pick.


The struggle resumed on the choice of NRG — the map de_train. Having won the knives’, the Americans have chosen the CT-side. Once again, thanks to the efforts of «device», Astralis won the pistol's, and then managed to secure the initial success in the anti-economic's [0:3]. Gaining enough money, NRG eSports coped with the pressure of the Danes in the two guns', but still failed to tie the score. Seeing the whites of the enemy's eyes, the Danish squad replied right back and destroyed the opponent's economy [2:6]. However, the US team was not going to give up. NRG made a confident comeback in the first half and, going into the assault, were still holding out the lead [8:7].

After the changeover, the pace of confrontation has still remained the same. Astralis surpassed the opponent in the pistol's, although losing in the anti-eco. By forcing the Danes to make a couple of economic's, NRG drove Astralis to the wall and retook the lead [11:8]. Time and time again, the American team punched the enemy's defense, leaving them less and less chances to return into the game. However, the Danish team had a different opinion on this matter. Together Astralis snatched the victory on de_train from the hands of NRG, implementing a long winning run. As a result, — [14:16], and the Danish team has defeated the enemy on de_train.


The stream of the next match — CLG vs SK Gaming — will be on the twitch-channel StarLadder5. Stay with us on and you'll always be kept up-to-date of the latest news.