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ELEAGUE: mousesports overpowered Astralis

The second match-day of the Play-off stage of the tournament was kicked off with the countering between Astralis and mousesports. While the Danish squad has gained a ticket to the decisive stage of  ELEAGUE due to the victory in Group С, the path of the German team was laid through Last Chance Qualifier.


The clash has started from the Astralis' choice — map de_mirage. mouz prevailed in seven rounds in row, having gained the comfortable advantage [0:7]. The Danes took a tactical pause and immediately picked up the buy [1:7]. However, the German mixture has managed to hold the initiative and went on increasing the gap from the rival. mousesports have lost only one more device-round, thus securing the first half with  [2:13].

After the switch-over, the German team has overpowered the opponent in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's, having paragraphed the struggle on Mirage. The final outcome — [2:16].

The Germans have successfully realized their pick

The following events were held on the map-pick of mousesports — map de_dust2. The German squad was defeated in the pistol-round and the eco, and then performed the force-buy [2:1]. Astralis didn't let the rival get the control over the tide of the clash, so they have chalked up again. Nevertheless, the mouz have managed to give a decent respond to the contestants, thus having reduced the backlog to the minimal [8:7].

CT-sided, Astralis prevailed over the opponent in the pistol and the following duo of buy's, but the device one was eventually picked up by the Germans [11:8]. mouz have soon destroyed the rival's economy, thus having leveled the score [11:11]. The Danish line-up hasn't managed to cope with the enemy's onslaught, having been smashed on the decisive second map [12:16].


We'd like to remind you that within the following game will meet Virtus.Pro and Ninjas in Pyjamas. The stream of the last quarter-final match will start at 5 a.m. by the Kiev and Moscow time on StarLadder5.