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ELEAGUE: A confident start from fnatic

The competition among the Group D has begun with the confrontation between fnatic and Team SoloMid. We'd like to remind you that the Swedish team was playing with the regained to an active roster Olof «olofmeister» Kajbjer, who has recently recovered from a hand injury.


LAN-statistics of Semphis for the current year

The starting point of the match was the map de_cache — fnatic’s pick. The Swedes prevailed in the pistolround, but still failed to cope with the enemy's onslaught in the anti-force. However, it didn't help TSM to turn the tide of the meeting and the Swedish team gained the initial advantage. fnatic held the same game-pace in the gunrounds, round after round increasing their gap from the opponents. Team SoloMid picked up the other three points, losing the first half with [11:4].

After the switchover, fnatic have gamed away the pistol and the next two eco rounds [11:7]. Despite the defeat in the device one, the Canadian team didn't give up and began to rapidly reduce the distance in a score. However, the Swedish roster retook the lead, having managed to stop the TSM's comeback in time. As a result, - [16:13], and fnatic put de_cache on the board.


After a short break, the teams have returned on de_mirage - the choice of TSM. fnatic beat the opponent in the pistolround, setting off a winning run. For a long time, the Canadians were unable to break through the opponent's defense that has displayed on their result in quite a bad manner. The Swedes have made only one mistake in the game for the CT-side, defeating Team SoloMid in the first fifteen rounds [1:14].

T-sided, fnatic have managed to put an end to the confrontation quite effortless. Despite winning the pistolround, TSM happened to be unable to change the force division on the map. Thus, the Canadian team has demonstrated the disastrous performance on their pick, so the final score became [3:16].


Stay with us, as the match between dignitas and FaZe Clan is coming soon. The stream wiil be able on the twitch-channel StarLadder5.