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ECS: The additional details about the final stage

The end of a month is drawing close, and alongside this is approaching the final stage of the first season of Esports Championship Series. During three match-days, from the 24th to 26th of June, eight different teams will compete for the grand prize pool of the tournament, which is amounted to $1,750,000 US.


Which one of the teams will triumph on the upcoming tournament in London?

Looking back, a week earlier was  announced the teams' division in the group stage. You can acquaint yourself with more detailed information about the way to the LAN-finals of each of the groups here.

Group А:

Luminosity Gaming NiP Team Liquid G2 Esports


Group B:

Astralis TSM fnatic Cloud9


The carrying system

The championship will start off in the group stage, which will be held by the «GSL» system. The format of the opening matches will be «best-of-one», and of the «decider/elimination» meetings — «best-of-three». According to the results of the first stage, four teams, who will prove to be the strongest (two from each group), will advance to the Playoffs. The decisive stage of the tournament will be held in «Single Elimination» bracket, where the teams will have to compete in the frameworks of «bo3-countering».

The matches' timetable

Esports Championship Series. 24.06.16
12:15 CEST  LG 16 :  12  NiP  ВО1 (m1)
13:30 CEST Team Liquid  16 : 6  G2  ВО1 (m2)
14:45 CEST  LG 16 :  12  Team Liquid   ВО1 (m3)
16:00 CEST Astralis 12 :  16  TSM  ВО1 (m4)
17:15 CEST Fnatic 16 :   13   Cloud9  BO1 (m5)
18:30 CEST Fnatic  16  :  14  TSM  ВО1 (m6)
Esports Championship Series. 25.06.16
11:15 CEST  NiP   0 :  2  G2  ВО3 (m7)
14:15 CEST Astralis  0 :  2  Cloud9  ВО3 (m8)
17:15 CEST  G2   2    1  Team Liquid   ВО3 (m9)
20:15 CEST  TSM   2  :   0  Cloud9  ВО3 (m10)
Esports Championship Series. 26.06.16
12:00 CEST TSM  :  LG   ВО3 (m11)
15:30 CEST G2   :   Fnatic   ВО3 (m12)
20:00 CEST G2  :  LG  ВО3 (m13)

It is worth noting that at the moment, ECS has the largest prize pool among all the existing CS:GO-championships. Tournament participants will split the prize, estimated of $1,750,000, which is the largest sum that has ever been competed for within a single event.

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