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ECS S2: SK Gaming move ahead to the semifinals

The second match-day within the LAN-finals of ECS Season 2 was finished in a match between Team Dignitas and SK Gaming.

«-4» by fer, holding А-plant

The first map was de_cache — a choice of SK. For some time, the squads were playing as equal, so the score was tied for two times [4:4]. After that, the Brazilians strengthened the attack and started punching through the enemy's defense. During the first half, SK Gaming gained the double advantage [5:10].

CT-sided, SK went on, picking up points and were still leading the game. With a victory in the 14th round, the Brazilian squad eased the grip, letting dignitas come closer [9:14]. However, SK Gaming had no intentions to let the Danes perform a comeback, and paragraphed the map with [9:16] in their favor.

The game was resumed on the pick of dignitas — a map de_mirage. The Brazilian took the pistol-round and following anti-eco, but, after the victorious device-one, Team Dignitas strengthened the defense, not losing a round more in the first half [12:3].T-sided, SK failed to get back on track and were defeated at [16:7].

«-4» by MSL in the second pistol's on Mirage

The third and last map was de_overpass. For the first twelve rounds, the squads were playing head-to-head, not being able to decide the leader. However, when the score reached the mark of [6:6], SK picked up the remaining three rounds, getting a slight score-gap [6:9].

T-sided, dignitas began playing back and soon reached the rivals as close as possible [10:11]. After that, SK Gaming were picking up rounds at every turn, soon reaching the victorious outcome. The final score — [10:16] in favor of SK.


Thus, SK Gaming advance to the Playoffs from the second place of Group «B». In turn, Team Dignitas leave the tournament.