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ECS S2: OpTic Gaming advance to the Playoffs

In a match for the second place within Group «A», FaZe Clan faced off against OpTic Gaming. The squads were fighting for another one ticket to the Playoffs.

«-4» by mixwell in the first pistol's on Train

The game was kicked off on de_train — a pick of OpTic. The first two rounds were secured by OG [0:2]. FaZe improved their economy and entered a victorious streak, thus moving ahead [5:3]. After that, the Americans carried a winning run, which lasted up to the end of the first half [5:10].

CT-sided, FaZe Clan started playing back and soon the score was tied [10:10]. OpTic interrupted the failing streak and picked up the following six rounds, thus finishing the game on de_train with [10:16] in their favor.

Triple-kill by aizy in the «force-buy»

The match was resumed on de_nuke — a choice of FaZe Clan. OG took the pistol-round and two anti-eco's, but the victory in the device-one was secured by FaZe [1:3]. In a further game, OpTic were showing nearly perfect defense, due to which they smashed the opponents in the first half [3:12].

After a switch-over, FaZe Clan overpowered the enemy in three rounds at a run [6:12]. Then OpTic Gaming took the control back to their hands and started gaining points. OpTic reached eight match-points, but failed to realize a single one [15:15]. Eventually, FaZe finished their comeback and prevailed in the overtimes [19:15].

«-3» and a victorious clutch by kioShiMa

The crucial battle was held on de_cache. OpTic made it with an imperious start, prevailing in five rounds in a row [0:5]. Playing back three points, FaZe lost the initiative again, that was effectively profited by OG. The Americans carried a winning run, at the end of which, they gained an advantage of 10 points [3:12].

OpTic Gaming were defeated in the second pistol-round, but picked up the rest of them, thus paragraphing the match at [4:16].


The NA-squad moves forward to the semifinals of ECS S2, where they will play against Team EnVyUs. In turn, FaZe Clan stop their participation, taking 5-6th place.