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ECS S2 NA: TSM shared points with NRG

The current match-day within the American division of ECS Season 2 was kicked off with a countering NRG eSports vs Team SoloMid. The teams were up to play on de_nuke twice.


Team SoloMid and NRG eSports tied a score

On the first map, TSM kicked off with a highlight reel, picking up the pistol-round and following anti-eco's [3:0]. Despite the fact that Team SoloMid lost out the full-fledged device-round, in a further game the Canadian squad managed to secure three rounds more [6:1]. However, NRG found a way to strengthen the defense, not only leveling the game, but even prevailing in the first half [7:8].

CT-sided, TSM played back the backlog and outscored the rivals [10:8]. Overpowering the enemy in three more rounds, NRG eSports retook the lead again [10:11]. The European team went on increasing the advantage, not letting Team SoloMid build a strong economy. Eventually, NRG finished the started, paragraphing the map at [12:16] in their favor.


The second clash was held on de_nuke again. NRG eSports won over the rivals in the pistol's, but still were defeated in the following round [1:1]. Thanks to the successful «force», TSM re-seized the initiative and started enlarging the gap in a score. Shining with a strong defense, Team SoloMid confidently picked up the first half [4:11].

Keeping the same pace, the Canadian squad went on with a winning streak in the second half. As a result — NRG failed to turn the game's tide and lost the second map with a final result of [5:16].


You can discover the teams' seeding in the tournament table of the group stage within ECS Season 2 on our site.