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ECS S2 NA: OpTic and Liquid tied the score

In the next in turn match within the North-American division of ECS S2 have met Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming. A format of the meeting — Best of 2.


OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid leveled the game

The first map was chosen to be de_nuke. CT-sided, OpTic picked up three starting rounds, but failed to retain the leadership and soon Liquid leveled the score [3:3]. Nevertheless, the victory in the first half was still secured by OG, who outscored the rival in one point [7:8].

After a changeover, OpTic went on enlarging the advantage. At the mark of [8:13], Team Liquid started cutting down the backlog and soon the score was tied [13:13]. Eventually, Liquid braced up and finished the started, triumphing over OpTic Gaming on Nuke with an advantage of two victorious rounds [16:14].


The second clash was held on de_cobblestone. Team Liquid kicked off with a highlight reel and realized a range of eight winning rounds [0:8]. OpTic, making inexcusable missteps, let Liquid gain the upper hand in the first half [3:12].

T-sided, OpTic Gaming re-seized the initiative and, carrying the winning streak, leveled the game at [12:12]. Team Liquid failed to stop the rivals on their way to victory, so OG, performing an incredible comeback, drew a line under the countering with [16:13] in their favor.


You can discover the teams' seeding in the tournament table of the group stage within ECS Season 2 on our site.