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ECS S2: GODSENT overpowered EnVyUs

Matches of the group stage within the Esports Championship Series second season are still on air and we were up to witness a clash between EnVyUs and GODSENT.


GODSENT overwhelmed the rival on the first map

At first, the teams faced off against each other on de_cache. The French squad prevailed in the pistol-round and two «anti-eco's», but then the Swedes managed to open the score and soon reached the opponents. Then GODSENT took the lead, but EnVyUs re-clinched it back and started gaining points. The first half was paragraphed at [9:6] in favor of the French five.

After a switch-over, the Swedish squad seized the initiative and, over some time, the teams leveled the game for a while. The roster under Vincent «Happy» Schopenhauer's guidance failed to realize the first gun-round, so GODSENT outscored the opponent. In the second half EnVyUs managed to pick up only two rounds more, and thus de_cache was eventually secured by the Swedes [16:11].


de_mirage was chosen to be the following battlefield. The Frenchmen triumphed in the pistol's and next three rounds, but then the team from Sweden re-seized the control and temporarily leveled the game [4:4]. Keeping the same pace, GODSENT were increasing their advantage and went for a changeover, leading the game [11:4].

T-sided, the Swedish squad outscored the opponent in three rounds at a run, but then the control over the game's landscape was taken by EnVyUs. The Frenchmen managed to deal with the rival's onslaught only once and were eventually defeated on the second map [16:5].


The current gaming evening within Esports Championship Series S2 is over. Stay tuned to and you'll be always kept up-to-date.