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ECS S2: FaZe Clan get double victory over Virtus.Pro

A clash within the group stage of the European division ECS Season 2 was resumed with a confrontation between FaZe Clan and Virtus.Pro. In their by-past match, FaZe overpowered Team Dignitas, while VP tied the score with the Swedish team fnatic.


FaZe left no chances to Virtus.Pro on the first map

The game kicked off on de_train. FaZe Clan picked up the pistol-round and following «anti-eco's», but still was defeated in the device's [3:1]. VP failed to re-clinch the initiative and lost four rounds at a run [7:1]. The Poles interrupted the opponent's winning run [7:2], but FaZe didn't stop increasing the advantage and smashed Virtus.Pro in the first half [13:2].

CT-sided, the Polish five failed to cut down such a great backlog from the enemy. FaZe Clan triumphed in three more rounds, securing a victory in the countering on Train [16:6].

Screenshot_7The following battlefield was de_overpass. FaZe won the pistol-round, but failed to cope with the enemy's «force-buy» [1:1]. Teams have swapped victories in the next two rounds [2:2], but then Virtus.Pro kicked off a winning streak [7:2]. FaZe Clan found a way to dramatically uphold their position, leveling the score [7:7], but VP didn't let the rival go to the switchover, when leading the game [8:7].

Polish team picked up the first three rounds in the second half [11:7]. Having strengthened the defense, FaZe changed the tide of a meeting, fully cutting down the backlog from Virtus.Pro, and the teams temporarily leveled the score [11:11]. Keeping the same pace, FaZe Clan have effortlessly finished the started, paragraphing the game with [12:16].

Screenshot_8Don't forget to follow the coverage of the ECS Season 2's group stage at