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ECS S2 Europe: GODSENT were defeated by NiP

A competition within the group stage of the second season of Esports Championship Series was resumed in a battle between Ninjas in Pyjamas and GODSENT.


Ninjas in Pyjamas dealt with opponents on the first map

A meeting was kicked off on de_cobblestone. The Swedes opened the score, prevailing in three rounds at a run. Then a team of pronax managed to interrupt the opponent's winning run, but still failed to retain the control. Keeping the same pace, NiP went on increasing their advantage and lost only four points in the first half [11:4].

After a changeover, the balance of power on the map was still the same. Due to a confident game for the attack, Ninjas in Pyjamas quickly gained the sufficient number of rounds and sent the first map to their assets [16:5].


The following map was de_dust2. The game was set off with victorious rounds for NiP. At the mark of [3:0], GODSENT managed to find a key to the opponents' defense, but the Swedish roster has immediately strengthened the positions and let the opponent move ahead. flusha and his company failed to withstand the enemy, being defeated in the first half [4:11].

CT-sided, GODSENT found a way to give a decent response to the rivals, leveling the score in a while [13:13]. Then the teams have exchanged the victories for a few times, bringing a game to the overtimes [15:15]. During the add-rounds, the teams weren't able to decide the strongest for a long time, but, with a minimal gap, the victory was eventually secured by Ninjas in Pyjamas [22:20].Screenshot_8

Further, Ninjas in Pyjamas will have to face the Poles from Watch the game's stream on the twitch-channel.