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ECS S2 Europe: GODSENT tied the game with FaZe

The group stage within ECS S2 Europe is reaching the end. In their final game, FaZe Clan were fighting against GODSENT.

FaZe.aizy wins a clutch in the 15th round

The first clash was held on de_dust2. T-sided, FaZe made it with an imperious start and picked up six rounds at a run [6:0]. Then the Swedes began playing back and soon reduced the backlog to a minimum [6:5]. However, the following four points were secured by FaZe Clan, so GODSENT lost out in the first half [10:5].

After a switch-over, FaZe prevailed in the pistol-round, but failed to deal with the enemy's «force» [11:6]. Then the Swedish squad outscored the rivals in two rounds more [11:8]. Eventually, the players from FaZe Clan strengthened the defense and, thanks to the winning run, finished the game with [16:8] in their favor.


The second map was de_mirage. GODSENT took the pistol-round and gained the upper hand in three rounds [4:0]. FaZe picked two points, after what the Swedes re-seized the control and went on, increasing the gap. GODSENT have shown a strong attack, going for a changeover with a comfortable advantage of 11:4].

In the second half, the Swedish team picked up the pistol-round, anti-eco and the device round, getting 11 match-points [15:4]. The European five tried to perform a comeback, but their efforts happened to be insufficient. The final score stopped at [16:7] in favor of GODSENT.


You may discover the teams’ seeding within the tournament table of ECS S2 Europe on our site.