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ECS S2 Europe: G2 overpowered Team EnVyUs

In the final match within the current gaming-day of ECS S2 Europe, we've had a chance to watch the French derby — G2 Esports against Team EnVyUs.

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G2 Esports overwhelmed EnVyUs once again

The battlefield was a map de_cache. The game was kicked off with a victory of G2 in the pistol-round and lasted with their winning run of six rounds more [7:0]. The efforts of Team EnVyUs happened to be sufficient only to win a few device-rounds and one «force», so G2 Esports defeated the opponents in the first half [11:4].

G2 proved to be stronger than EnVyUs in another pistol-round, but this time failed to deal with the rivals' pistol-buy in response [12:5]. nV used a temporary economical weakness of the enemy, slightly cutting down the backlog [13:9]. Getting all the necessary devices, G2 Esports gained the upper hand in three rounds at a run and drew a line under the match [16:9].


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