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ECS S2 Europe: G2 defeated fnatic

In the following match within the European division of ECS Season 2 we've witnessed a clash G2 Esports vs fnatic.

A triple-kill from P2000 by G2.shox

The first map was de_overpass. The Swedes picked up the pistol-round and the next anti-eco, but lost the device-one [1:2]. After this, G2 won three rounds at a run and moved ahead [4:2]. fnatic were playing back the score-log and retook the lead, but not for too long. The Frenchmen re-captured the initiative for the second time and gained the upper hand in the first half [9:6].

After a changeover, G2 Esports carried a winning run, which lasted for six rounds [15:6]. The Swedish team failed to make a comeback and was defeated on Overpass with the final result of [16:9].


The battlefield in the second game was de_dust2. Up from the first minutes, G2 were showing a strong defense, thanks to which they prevailed in seven rounds [0:7]. After fnatic broke up the shutout, the French squad went on with a victorious streak, smashing the rivals in the first half [3:12].

CT-sided, the Swedish five outscored the enemy in the pistol and anti-eco rounds [6:12]. Despite the winning gun-round, G2 failed to retook the control and kicked off the failing streak. Having realized eco-buy in the 22nd round, G2 Esports destroyed the fnatic's economy and finished the started with a victory [9:16].


Stay tuned to the twitch-channel, where you will be able to see a clash mousesports vs Team Dignitas.