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ECS S2 Europe: EnVyUs won over mousesports

A countering within the European division of the second season of ECS was resumed in a meeting EnVyUs vs mousesports.


The Frenchmen gained the upper hand on the first map

At first, the teams were fighting on de_cache. The European five picked up two rounds at a run, but then a control was re-seized by the Frenchmen. EnVy tied the score [2:2], and then even outscored the rivals. mousesports managed to punch through the enemy's defense for 4 times more, but the victory in the first half was still secured by the French team [10:5].

After a changeover, the European roster got hold of the initiative and realized a winning run of seven rounds, outrunning the opposing side [12:10]. For some time the teams were unable to decide the strongest, but soon EnVyUs reached the match-point, and, eventually — a victory on the first map [16:14].


The further clash was held on de_dust2. Up from the first minutes, the French five went on with a high-class game and overwhelmed the enemy in six rounds in a row. Then mousesports managed to withstand the onslaught and broke up the shutout [6:1], but EnVyUs immediately retook the control and continued increasing the advantage. In the first half, the European team managed to secure only two points [2:13].

Having changed the side, mousesports picked up the pistol's and two anti-eco's, but the French squad strengthened their positions and stopped the opponents' attack [14:5]. The European team managed to realize a comeback, but their efforts happened to be insufficient. EnVyUs gained the necessary two points and gained the upper hand in the meeting [16:14].


Stay tuned to twitch-channel, where just in a few minutes will start a stream of the following match — G2 vs mousesports.