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ECS S2 Europe: dignitas triumphed over GODSENT

In the following countering within the group stage of ECS Season 2 were fighting GODSENT and dignitas. We'd like to remind that the last matches of these teams were finished with draw.


dignitas prevailed over the rivals twice

The game was set off on de_cobblestone. Despite the fact that the pistol-round was put on the board of the Danish roster, pretty soon GODSENT made a hit in response [1:1]. For some time, the squads were playing «on equal footing» and only in ten rounds, dignitas managed to move forward. As a result, the first half was finished in favor of the Danes with a double advantage [10:5].

After a changeover, dignitas didn't let the rivals retake the control and went on, gaining points. The Swedish squad managed to pick up only four rounds, so the ultimate victory on the first map was secured by the Danish five [16:9].


Then the teams were fighting on de_mirage. A map was started with victorious rounds for dignitas. GODSENT managed to overpower the opponent in the first gun-round, but then the lead was taken by the Danish squad. Profiting by the enemy's missteps, the Swedes managed to punch through the enemy's defense only three times more, being defeated in the first half [4:11].

A switchover didn't affect the game's tide. Losing three rounds, the Danes managed to pick up the deficient points and put the second map on their board [16:7].


Stay tuned to the twitch-channel, where, just in few minutes will start a countering between EnVyUs and G2.