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ECS S2 Europe: Astralis overwhelmed NiP

The today's gaming evening within the confines of Esports Championship Series Season 2 kicked off with a countering Astralis vs NiP.


The Danes have outscored the rivals twice

The first battlefield was de_overpass. Ninjas in Pyjamas overpowered the opponents in three rounds at a run, but then the Danish squad retook the control and immediately leveled the game [3:3]. Then Astralis outscored the enemy and went on, increasing the gap. After a mark of [3:7], the Swedish five managed to cut off the Danish winning streak, reaching the opponents as close as possible at the end of the first half [7:8].

Having changed the side, Ninjas in Pyjamas prevailed in the pistol-round, but the following three were secured by Astralis. NiP have managed to prevent the opponents' attack for a time more, so, eventually were defeated on the first map [9:16].


After a break, the teams entered a fight on de_cache. The first two rounds were seized by the Danes, but the Swedes made a stand and tied the score for a while. Then Astralis moved ahead, but, over time started a run of mistakes, due to which Ninjas in Pyjamas gained four points more. The first half was finished in favor of the Danish team [8:7].

In the second half, the squads have exchanged rounds for a few times, but the further game was dictated by the Danish five. NiP tried to cut down the backlog, but Astralis happened to be stronger and secured a victory on the second map [16:11].


In the following stand-off within the second season of Esports Championship Series, Ninjas In Pyjamas will face off against G2.Esports. The stream will be held on twitch-channel.