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ECS S2 Europe: Astralis overpowered Virtus.Pro

In another match within the European division of ECS Season 2 were fighting Virtus.Pro and Astralis.  

An excellent hold of the A-plant by Astralis

The first map was de_train. Having picked up the knives, Astralis decided to start for the defense. Virtus.Pro secured the pistol-round, bu the Danes realized a force in response [1:1]. Astralis overwhelmed VP in the next few rounds, moving ahead. The Poles have slightly reduced the log, but then the Danish team re-entered their winning run. Astralis carried a long-lasting winning streak, defeating the Polish roster in the first half [12:3].

Taking on their board only one round after the switch-over, Virtus.Pro failed to bounce back. Astralis have shown the same strong game for the attack, as on the previous side, effortlessly finishing the started at [16:4].


The countering was resumed on de_nuke. Astralis lost the pistol's, but took the «force-buy» [1:1]. The further pace of the game was quite tense, so the teams failed to decide a clear leader. Following the equal fight, VP picked up a round more, so, before the changeover, they were leading the game [8:7].  

In the second half, the initiative was constantly changing the holder, so the score was tied for a few times. After a mark of [11:11], Astralis seized a control over the match and started gaining points. Having destroyed the economy of Virtus.Pro, the Danish five prevailed in the sufficient number of rounds, thus winning on Nuke [11:16].


In the following game we'll have a chance to enjoy a battle G2 Esports vs Team Dignitas. The stream will be held on twitch-channel.