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ECS S2: EnVyUs triumphed over fnatic

The first match of the current gaming day within the second season of Esports Championship Series was an encounter between fnatic and EnVyUs. When the game kicked off, the Swedes could boast with 9 points, while the Frenchmen — with 3 points on the board.


The French squad proved to be stronger on the first map

The first battlefield was de_dust2. EnVyUs had an imperious start, prevailing over the enemy in five rounds at a run. fnatic managed to interrupt the opponent's winning run, however then the control over the game's tide was retaken by the French squad. The team under the Vincent «Happy» Schopenhauer's guidance managed to break through the rival's defense, thus finishing the first half with [14:1].

After the switch-over, the team from Sweden managed to re-seize the initiative and picked up four rounds at a run. Despite this, EnVyUs were seriously tuned to victory and finished the started, putting the first map on their board [16:5].

Screenshot_5Then the teams were fighting on de_cobblestone. fnatic triumphed over the opponent in the first two rounds, but then the initiative was clinched by the French side and leveled the score [2:2]. Then EnVyUs outscored the enemy and started gaining points with whiplash speed. The Swedes managed to take the control only two times more and the first half was finished in favor of the team from France [11:4].

After a changeover, EnVy went on dominating over the contestant, overpowering them in the pistol and following four rounds, eventually triumphing on Cobblestone [16:4].


Stay tuned to the twitch-channel, as in a few minutes will start the following match, within the confines of which we will witness the stand-off vs FaZe Clan.