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ECS S2: EnVyUs and dignitas failed to decide the strongest

The following match within the group stage of Esports Championship Series S2 was destined to be a meeting between EnVyUs and dignitas.


dignitas overpowered the rival on the first map 

At first, the teams met on de_cobblestone. The Danish squad picked up the pistol's and following two rounds, but then the Frenchmen found a way to break up the shutout [1:3]. Then dignitas immediately retook the control back to their hands and went on, enlarging their advantage. EnVyUs managed to put on their board only three points more, so the French roster went for a changeover with [11:4].

T-sided, the Danes prevailed in the pistol-round, but EnVy managed to realize a force-buy, thus securing three rounds at a run. In the following game, dignitas get a hold of the initiative again and, picking up four points, put the first map on their board [16:7].

Screenshot_3After a small break, the teams resumed their confrontation on de_mirage. The French five overwhelmed the enemy in two rounds at a run. Then dignitas re-captured the control and soon leveled the score, outrunning the rivals in a while. Only at the mark of [2:7], EnVyUs managed to put a stop on the Danish attack and, at the end of the first half, managed to reach the opponent as close as possible [7:8].

After a switch-over, dignitas performed a winning streak of six rounds. The team under Vincent «Happy» Schopenhauer's guidance braced up and, eventually, reached the rival at [14:14]. EnVyUs have effortlessly picked up the victorious points, drawing a line under the battle on  Mirage in their favor [16:14].


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