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ECS S2: Astralis dealt with OpTic

The decisive stage of the second season within ECS was opened with a countering OpTic Gaming vs Astralis.

«-5» by Kjaerbye

The clash was held on de_dust2. The NA-team prevailed in the pistol's and two anti-eco's, but the Danes, getting back on track, leveled the score at [3:3]. For some time, the squads were playing on an equal footing, so the control over the game's tide was constantly changing the holder. However, dupreeh & company happened to be stronger and went for a changeover with a minimal advantage of [8:7].

CT-sided, Astralis went on, dominating the opponents and, not losing a single round, gained the upper hand in the match [16:7].


The matches of Group «А» will be resumed in a few minutes. The stream of the match will be held on the twitch-channel.