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ECS S2: Astralis advance to the finals

In the second semi-final match within the crucial stage of Esports Championship Series Season 2, were fighting Astralis and SK Gaming.


Astralis reached the Grand-final

At first the teams met on de_cache — the choice of the Brazilian squad. The Danes outscored the opponents in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's. Despite the lost device-one, Astralis have immediately retook the control back to their hands and secured seven rounds at a run [10:1]. After that, SK managed to withstand the onslaught, picking up four points. Eventually, the Danish squad went for a changeover with a double advantage of [10:5].

After a switch-over, the Brazilians began cutting down the backlog and reached the opponents as close as possible [9:10]. Astralis had no intentions to let the rivals level the score and went on, gathering pace. Eventually, [16:9] and the Danes secured the victory on the rivals' pick.

Triple-kill by device

Then the teams were battling on de_overpass. The first three rounds were picked up by Astralis, but the victory in the gun-round was gained by SK Gaming. The Danish five, not giving up, secured the initiative again. The Brazilian five took three points more and the first half was finished with the score of [11:4] in favor of dupreeh & company.

CT-sided, the Danes, not easing grip, overwhelmed the enemy in five rounds in a row, thus drawing a victorious line under the match [16:4].


Eventually, the Danish squad moves forward to the Grand-finals, where they will fight against OpTic Gaming.

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