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ECS: Rebirth of the French-scene's grandeur

The last match of the first season of Esports Championship Series came off yesterday,  and it’s outcome has finally dotted the t's and crossed the i's. Within three match-days we were witnessing the high-class CS by the strongest European and American teams. Some of them have fully met the fans' expectations, while the others, on contrary, — have shown a disastrous performance within the tournament in London.


The trophy, the participative teams had been fighting for

Anyway, the LAN-finals of ECS happened to be unpredictable. Quite possible that this event became the starting point for a great shift in the power distribution among the best CS:GO-squads. What, eventually, has the audience memorized about the by-past championship?

A new page in the history of the French e-sports

Despite the «run of bad luck» in the career of G2 Esports' players, they have managed to deal with that problem, and now are winning the major tournaments again. The start of their ascent to the cyber «Olympus» was made a month ago. What's really interesting is, it was kicked off right from London, after the end of the LAN-finals of ESL Pro League S3. Recall that G2 demonstrated an excellent performance at this event, finishing second after the unfortunate defeat by the Brazilians from Luminosity Gaming in the Grandfinal.

However, the French team didn't kick off with a highlight reel on ECS at once. G2 Esports had lost out the opening-match to the updated roster of Team Liquid, so many had de-listed them from the bill of potential favorites to triumph. However, the further events were acting out in an unexpected way. G2's winning run was started by the elimination-meeting with NiP, where they have found the way to quite effortlessly outperform their Swedish rival. This was followed by the victory over Liquid in a decider-confrontation, where the French proved to be stronger than the American team.


«EnVyUs, what can you tell us about our triumph, and who is the French Top-1 now?» © SmithZz 

Having secured a participant-slot in the Playoffs, G2 Esports had reached the most formidable of all the possible opponents — fnatic. Contrary to a general opinion, the French team hadn't just won the match against the Swedes, but even crushed them, as if they were no longer a threat. Leaving out Olof «olofmeister» Kajbjer and his team, G2 had only one obstacle in front of the main prize of ECS S1 — Luminosity. And the French didn't loosen their grip even then, having smashed the eminent Brazilian rival.

What does such a strong performance by G2 Esports mean? The team led by Richard «shox» Papillon is ready to become a full-fledged «tier1-mixture» and is able to overcome any of the existing rosters. After all, they have everything in order to reach new heights: Edouard «SmithZz» Dubourdeaux and Adil «ScreaM» Benrlitom are gradually returning to their former strength and the skill of a young talent Alexandre «bodyy» Pianaro is becoming better every day.


The gladness of the G2's players after the victory in the Grandfinal

In turn, the main «hero of the fete» — shoxieJESUS — can be boldly called the best player in the world. Papillon (the master in the pistols and rifles) is IGL (still not losing his output) and is quite able to perform «clutches», leading his team to the victory single-handedly.

We hope that the G2 will keep the same pace in the future tournaments. In addition, their game in the upcoming Major — ESL One Cologne 2016 promises to be quite interesting to watch. It is worth mentioning that according to the results of the division, G2 Esports became the participant of group D, where they will be accompanied by SK Gaming (ex-LG), FaZe Clan and fnatic. And if the French are still as strong, they will not only overcome the group stage, but will even gain the much-coveted victory in the tournament. And yes, it seems like the curse of the «Titan» tag is finally dissolved in the past.

Highlights of the Play-off

In addition to G2, we have something to say about the other teams, among which are: fnatic, SK Gaming and Team SoloMid. If you have missed the final results of the group stage of ECS and want to become more familiar with them, the detailed information can be found by this link.

Let's start with fnatic, since the focus is concentrated on their poor performance within the last championship in London. The 3-4 places would be more than enough for any other team, but not for the Swedes. After an incredible game on ELEAGUE, where fnatic have effortlessly taken the top line of Group E, many expected a repeat of the same scenario at Esports Championship Series.


dennis and his teammates have failed the decisive performance on ECS

The Swedish team took a great start, having seized the slot in the Playoffs, but then failed to finish the started. In the semifinal match, fnatic happened to be not able to cope with G2 and, as a result, fell under the enemy's onslaught in the critical «bo3-series». That's a whole lot of words about the reasons for the Swedish failure, but is it worth the time? After such destruction, we are wondering: Has the era of the fnatic's domination come to an end?

The Swedish team hasn't lost its former power, but it's, most likely, no longer able of holding the first line of the world ranking. In today's circumstances the competition is too high and a single mistake can be enough to lose the status of the strongest squad. Roughly the same can be told about SK Gaming, who were smashed by G2 Esports in Grandfinal countering. Moreover, for the current champions of MLG Columbus 2016 it was difficult to cope with Team SoloMid, so what else can be told about the upcoming changes in the «TOP» best teams of the CS:GO-scene.


Will G2 keep the same pace of development?

Recall that in spite of the defeat with a final score of [0:2], TSM were fighting with dignity, having proved to everyone that they shouldn't be underestimated. The Canadian mixture was predicted the last place in the tournament’s rankings, but they have exceeded all expectations by getting into the Playoffs. Quite possible that very soon Team SoloMid will be considered the strongest North American CS:GO-roster. The individual skills of every player of the Canadian team are too high, and if they don't manage to reveal the full potential, it will be a shame.

Eventually, to talk about the current situation more clearly, it's necessary to wait for ESL One Cologne 2016. The Major will finally give the answers to all the issues of interest to public. In Cologne we will finally find out if G2 Esports are able to continue their ascent to the first place of the world rankings, and whether SK Gaming and fnatic will manage to make a mini-comeback, defeating the French. If you have forgotten, these three groups will come together in the struggle starting from the matches of group stage. The countering is going to be incredibly entertaining.


FalleN and his team will play on ESL One Cologne under the auspices of SK 

Summing up, it is worth mentioning the final teams' division at ECS and name the prize amount of money that they have managed to win:

1st place — G2 Esports ($250,000) 2nd place — SK Gaming ($125,000) 3-4th places — fnatic и Team SoloMid ($80,000) 5-6th places — Team Liquid и Cloud9 ($65,000) 7-8th places — Astralis и Ninjas in Pyjamas ($50,000)

And again our congratulations to G2 with their first LAN-triumph, we wish luck in the upcoming performances.  

photo: Author: Ilya «EllanarkJesus» Chabelets