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ECS S2 Europe: EnVyUs got even with G2

In the last match of the current gaming-day within ECS S2 Europe were fighting G2 Esports and Team EnVyUs. Recall that in the yesterday's countering the upper hand was gained by G2.

28973356513_b754fc50fa_k (1)

EnVyUs picked up the weighty points

The battlefield was chosen to be de_nuke. The game was started with a rounds-exchange: G2 picked up the pistol-round, but nV realized a «force-buy» [1:1]. Nevertheless, due to a winning clutch by shox, G2 prevailed in the eco-round and secured the initiative. G2 Esports moved ahead, but failed to retain the lead for a long, letting EnVy tie the score [6:6]. Team EnVyUs took two more rounds in the first half, however the last one was put on the board of G2 [8:7].

CT-sided, EnVyUs outscored the opponents in the pistol--round and following anti-eco's [11:7]. Despite the fact that G2 Esports triumphed in the first device-one, Team EnVyUs won the buy in response and went on, increasing their advantage. nV completely destroyed the rivals' economy and effortlessly drew a victorious line under the match [16:9].


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