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ECS Europe S2: dignitas dealt with Astralis

A current gaming-day within the European division of Esports Championship Series Season 2 started with a clash between dignitas and Astralis. The battle was held on de_overpass.


dignitas overpowered the opponents on two maps

CT-sided, k0nfig performed a quad-kill, bringing a confident victory to his team in the pistol-round. Despite an imperious start of their rivals, Astralis found a way to re-seize the initiative and leveled the score for a while [5:5]. The first half, with a minimal gap, was finished in favor of dupreeh & company [8:7].

T-sided, dignitas managed to outscore the enemy, realizing a winning streak of seven rounds. Then Astralis proved to be able to withstand the opponent, but failed to cut down the backlog. The Danes from dignitas took back the initiative and victoriously finished the started [16:12].


After a break, dignitas secured a lead and kicked off a winning run, which lasted up to the 9th round. Astralis managed to stop the rivals' attack only twice, so the first half was finished with a crushing score in favor of the cajunb's team [13:2].

Having changed the side, Astralis failed to turn the tide of a meeting and was finally defeated on the second map [2:16].


Matches of the second season of Esports Championship Series will go on in a few minutes. The stream will be held on the twitch-channel.