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ECS Europe S2: Astralis defeated mousesports

In the following «bo2-countering», within the second season of Esports Championship Series, have met Astralis and mousesports.


Astralis dealt with opponents on the first map

At first, the teams entered a fight on de_mirage. Only at the mark of [4:0], the European team managed to withstand the opponent, but then the control over the game's tide was again seized by the Danes. mousesports failed to pick up the pieces and completely washed out the first half [1:14].

After the switch-over, the players from mousesports failed to perform a comeback and, eventually, the first half was picked up by Astralis [16:4].


On the second map, the Danish squad went on dominating the rivals. Despite this, the Europeans, not losing their courage, leveled the score at [5:5]. After a temporary draw, mousesports switched off, letting the rival move ahead, so the first half was finished in favor of the roster from Denmark [10:5].

The second pistol's and following two rounds were also secured by the Danes. Then the European squad managed to re-capture the control and started cutting down the backlog. At the mark of [15:12] the players from Astralis used a pause and discussed their following actions, then drawing the victorious line under the clash [16:12].


The matches of Esports Championship Series Season 2 will go on with a countering between TSM and NRG. Follow the latest news on our site.