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DOTA Summit 7: will face Team NP

In the second match of the fourth gaming day within DOTA Summit 7 faced off against Digital Chaos. The Russian squad dealt with the opponent with a score [2:1] and will fight against Team NP in the following match. overpowered Digital Chaos

On the first map have quickly secured an advantage and were catching the enemies in different points of the map. Despite all efforts of Digital Chaos to turn the game's tide — all in vain. The Russian team was winning clashes at every turn and on the 22nd minute won a fight nearby the Roshpit, killed Roshan and then destroyed all the rival's towers and went back. In a few minutes VP returned to the enemy's base, smashed the central barracks and forced the opponens to give up [1:0].

Results of the first map

BuLba and company have still managed to take a revenge on the second map. Up to the 14th minute Digital Chaos had an advanatge of 5000 gold. On the 27th minute the Americans won a fight nearby the Roshan and secured the Aegis, then went on, rapidly destroying the enemy's buildings. lost another team-fight, lost the central Т3-tower and eventually wrote «GG».

Results of the second map

The score in the third round within BO3-series was opened by the Russian squad. Despite this, were playing no that good at first. On the 13th minute, Digital Chaos left the rivals without four towers, but soon allowed a few mistakes, letting turn the game's tide. The Russian team smashed the enemy's central lane, and then won a fight nearby the Roshpit. BuLba and company were left without buy-backs and decided to give up. Eventually, [2:1] for the favor of

Results of the third map

The schedule of matches within the LAN-finals of DOTA Summit 7 may be discovered on our site. All VOD's of by-past games can be watched on our YouTube-channel.