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Dota 2 qualifier to WESG 2017 about to begin

European Regional Qualifier in Dota 2 for WESG 2017 will start on October 17 with Sweden sub-regional qualifiers and will be over on October 29 with Central Europe sub-regional finals. If you want to represent your country at WESG, you have the last chance to register to the tournament.

Winners of sub-regional qualifiers will go to the European Qualifier Final to Barcelona and will compete for $90,000 and 12 spots to the WESG 2017 Grand Final.

Details of the sub-regional qualifiers

A lineup of sub-regions in the European region


Countries Date, October 2017 Spots to LAN
Sweden Sweden 17-18 2
Britain + Iceland Britain, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Iceland 18-19 1
Germany Germany 19-20 2
South-East CIS + Turkey Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia 20-21 1
Ukraine Ukraine 21-22 2
Denmark Denmark 22-23 2

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Croatia, 

Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo

23-24 1
EE Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Romania 24-25 1
Baltics + Scandinavia Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland 25-26 1
France+Monaco France, Monaco 26-27 1
Poland Poland 27-28 1
Central Europe

Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, 

Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, San Marino, Malta, Vatican

28-29 1


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